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Have you ever felt lost or like your dreams were unattainable?

I have. Which is why I've made it my mission to help you get unstuck, shift your mindset and live your most purposeful life.


Through the stories I share on stage, online,  my coaching programs, in interviews or through podcasting, my goal is to help you feel less alone and do more of what sets your soul on fire. 

As a mindset coach, my coaching programs will teach you how to shift your mindset and live with more abundance, joy, peace and fulfillment by helping you release the old ways of thinking that hold you back, and changing them to new, empowering stories.

I'm also the host of the Happiness Happens Podcast, a podcast dedicated to fueling your soul and helping you live your life with more purpose. Each week I share a thought that will shift your mindset, or interview an incredibly inspiring guest that will help you see from a different perspective.


Happiness Happens Podcast

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New Episode Every Week

The Happiness Happens podcast is your daily dose of motivation for a happier, more inspired life. We decide the stories we tell ourselves and where our energy is invested. The stories we tell ourselves define us and the life we want to live. Don't like your story? Change it. Want a life that gets you excited? Make it happen. 

My obsession with finding my purpose in life has led me here, to this podcast and to you! It's time to cultivate a positive mind for a more inspired life. I'm so grateful you popped in!

What People are Saying

"Simona’s guidance and help throughout the entire process of creating my podcast was game-changing. She gave me all the tools and resources that I could have asked for, and was so patient, kind and encouraging when it came to releasing the podcast of my dreams! I highly recommend working with Simona, she will not disappoint you. Simona helped me stay confident in my ideas and helped me execute them. She has such a positive mindset and it really is contagious. She made me feel so supported and really knows her stuff. Thank you, Simona!"

- Dana Clark, Founder of Heroic Humans