Imagine a life that you wake up in love with, every. single. day!


It might seem impossible, but it's doable and is what I help people achieve on a daily basis.


You're a big dreamer and you have a huge vision for your life. You're unique, fun and full of passion, but you're playing small, dimming your light and living according to other peoples' plans.

This is where I come in! I'm Simona, and I'm an intuitive life and mindset coach. My specialty is 'whole person' coaching, so really helping you to access your fullest potential in every area of your life. I use my intuition to help you get in touch with yours, so that you can create the massive change you're dreaming of and a life you're proud and excited to wake up to every day. I love to tap into my spiritual energy and connection with source, it's the guiding force in my business, so you just might find me pulling a card (or two, or three) for you out of intuition!

Are you excited to tap into your fullest potential? Are you ready to own your magic? Click that button to book a free chat.

It's time to kick fear, doubt and shame to the door and step into your most powerful you; to live your most meaningful life.

My mission is to help you tap into your magic and find your light so you can unlock your fullest potential. 


How can you do this? Through my bespoke 1 on 1 coaching, tailored courses, educational content, and inspiring podcast episodes.


The goal? To help you show up in a big way, reclaim your power, find your purpose and live a life of joy and happiness that's

true and authentic to you.

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Happiness Happens Podcast

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New Episode Every Week

The Happiness Happens podcast is your daily dose of motivation for a happier, more inspired life. We decide the stories we tell ourselves and where our energy is invested. The stories we tell ourselves define us and the life we want to live. Don't like your story? Change it. Want a life that gets you excited? Make it happen. 

My obsession with finding my purpose in life has led me here, to this podcast and to you! It's time to cultivate a positive mind for a more inspired life. I'm so grateful you popped in!



"Simona offers many great services. Her course From Stuck to Glow Up really allows you to dig deep as she prompts you with the right questions. Her podcast is amazing with some fantastic guests.


Simona's one on one coaching is very insightful. She is very caring, attentive and takes the time to listen to what you share with her and helps you put your goals into perspective and gives you step by step instructions to help you achieve success. I couldn't be more happy to have met her."

- Nicole Larouche



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