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From Stuck to Glow Up

For those who are new to the Instagram game or new in their business who are feeling overwhelmed by Instagram and are ready to level up in a heart-centered way.


This course will teach you the basics of Instagram, how to use its features, how to create content that’s impactful, make genuine connections with your audience and sell from a place that’s soulfully aligned.

This six-week mindset mastery course will get you unstuck, help you identify, shift and let go of what holds you back, and empower you with real tools to make significant changes so you can live your most beautiful life!

What people are saying

"Simona offers many great services. Her course From Stuck to Glow Up really allows you to dig deep as she prompts you with the right questions. Her podcast is amazing with some fantastic guests.


Simona's one on one coaching is very insightful. She is very caring, attentive and takes the time to listen to what you share with her and helps you put your goals into perspective and gives you step by step instructions to help you achieve success. I couldn't be more happy to have met her."

- Nicole Larouche


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