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In 2018, I found myself in a really sad place. I wanted more for myself and for my life, but couldn't quite figure out how to achieve it. This set me on a soul-searching journey to discover what my purpose was in this world.

At the beginning of 2019, I felt called to share my voice, perspective and ideas with the world - which made sense to me because I have such a loud voice, so why not use it? This led to the launch of my podcast, the Happiness Happens Podcast.

My experience as a podcaster has led me to helping people find their voice and leave the mark they want to on this earth. I have the absolute honour and privilege to bring on the most incredible guests every week. There are so many things to hear, perspectives to learn and lessons to implement.


Our mindset really the key to everything we do, attract, and receive. I've taken back the power I once gave to negativity, judgement and not being appreciative of my life, and have transformed my thoughts, feelings and perspectives by immersing myself in a journey to self-love and acceptance.

I've spent the last six years working in Communications, Marketing and Public Relations helping big name companies build out their strategies, reach and impact. From teaching myself how to create, film and produce a video or podcast, to building my own website from the ground up and writing heart-centered content, I incorporate everything I've learned into my coaching programs and online courses to help your big dreams get off the ground too!

The stories we tell ourselves and things we think to be true define us and the life we want to live. Whether it be through an interview, blog post or public speaking engagement - I lay it all on the line every time, because there's value in authenticity and showing up.

"There are so many amazing things that happen when we acknowledge and step into who we're meant to be. We end up leveling up so hard that returning to who we were before is impossible."

- Simona Nicole

"Simona offers many great services. Her course From Stuck to Glow Up really allows you to dig deep as she prompts you with the right questions. Her podcast is amazing with some fantastic guests.


Simona's one on one coaching is very insightful. She is very caring, attentive and takes the time to listen to what you share with her and helps you put your goals into perspective and gives you step by step instructions to help you achieve success. I couldn't be more happy to have met her."

- Nicole Larouche


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