5 Ways to Create an Impactful Morning Routine While Working From Home

So much can change in a week, heck, 24 hours.

Given the current state of the world and the continuous #coronavirus developments, I wanted to share with you some of the tips I use personally and have been using with my clients to help them find their new normal, and keep a positive, productive outlook as we navigate our ever-changing reality.

Over the next few days, I'll share with you my hacks for winning your day, every day, from home.

First up: Morning Routine. One of the best ways to keep a positive outlook during times of change is to keep your morning routine going. If you don’t have one, this is the perfect time to start.

Morning routines can mean different things to different people. I've studied the different routines of highly successful people and three key themes have stood out most to me: grounding, gratitude, resetting.

Your morning routine should have some or all of the elements listed above for it to have the most impact.

As most of us will be bound to our homes sooner or later, the things I've listed below are amazing for creating routine while working from home:

- Meditation. Meditation helps you find balance, stay grounded and be in tune with yourself. Through meditating, you'll be able to feel more connected to yourself and the world around you, which impacts our state of minds, reactions and stability significantly.

- Journaling. I do this after I meditate. Journaling lets me get all of my thoughts and feelings out on paper. It's also an amazing space for writing out manifestations, dreams and really letting it all out without judgment.

- Shower. Make this a priority and something you do consistently. It's so easy to stay in the same clothes all day without even thinking to shower (I've been there, speaking from experience)!

- Put on real clothes. Sweat pants are my #1 favourite clothing EVER, but switching out of your PJs and into new clothes is so key! It helps you prepare for your day and shifts your feelings to happiness and gratitude almost instantly because it helps you create purpose to your days.

- Make breakfast. This one is SO important too! Make that gourmet breakfast if you have the time, put some extra LOVE in that smoothie! Fuel yourself and really show yourself love and appreciation from the inside out.

Remember that in times of chaos, panic and fear, our most reliable asset is our mindset. Be mindful of what content you consume, surround yourself with things that bring you calm and balance. Look to the things you can control and put your energy into the things that make you happy. Practice lots of gratitude for the things you have. And if all else fails, remember that you have a choice in this and a choice in how you respond and react.

To help you navigate your worries, fears and doubts throughout this time, I'm offering my go-at-your-own-pace online course From Stuck to Glow Up: Six-Week Mindset Mastery Course for $120 with a free mindset coaching call.

Give yourself the gift of turning inwards in this time of chaos by getting to know yourself on a deeper level, releasing the limiting beliefs that hold you back and creating a plan that will get you from stuck to start.


With love and light,




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