Committing to a powerful 2020

I've seen so much online about new year, new me, new goals, new EVERYTHING. It's amazing to see how people are inspired, conscious and active in wanting change for themselves and for their lives. It's encouraging that people are ready to make their lives better and receive what it is they deserve.

But the reality? Having goals and dreams and talking about them is amazing, but honestly, they stay just that without action.

So I planned my goals and dreams for this upcoming year, and dreamed about what I could achieve in this next decade. Then I started to see online that the seemingly most successful people choose a word to associate their year with, and how powerful it is in giving them results.

I loved this idea so much, but wasn't sure I could pick the right word and have it mean something profound to me on a daily basis. So I put the intention out there of wanting a word for 2020, and the coolest part? Once I stopped trying to design and control the outcome, the word came to me so easily.


Such a simple and powerful word, so eloquently packaged in 10 letters.

To me, this word represents action towards a purpose that is greater than myself. We can dream all we want, but without commitment, there's no action. When we put commitment at the heart of our goals, we're more likely to see them through.

You won't feel motivated every day, some days will feel harder than others, but commitment drives your integrity and helps you find motivation to your end goal even if you aren't necessarily motivated in every moment.

You might be wanting more for yourself in this new year, to live happier and with more purpose. You can start to find this by being committed to that desire. You then start to give more thought to how you spend your time and where you invest your energy, and with this intention in mind, you find that you become more committed to yourself. This comes down to belief, and what you believe creates your reality.

Here are four ways to stay committed to yourself and your goals in 2020:

1. Decide your goal is worth having.

Those that stay committed to their goals know that not having it isn't an option. They know that on the other side of fear is something greater than can be explained.

2. Write your goals down on paper.

Write them down and put them up somewhere you can see them every day. This helps you remember why you started in the first place.

3. Know who you are.

Understand why you do what you do. Do you know how or why you make decisions? Think about who and how you want to be, and how this contributes to your overall dreams and goals.

If you don't know, take time to figure it out - it's worth it in discovering your ability to staying committed.

4. Be accountable to someone.

Accountability teaches us value and increases confidence and likelihood of success. It helps drive our dreams and goals forward and gives us a tangible way to achieve success.

Need an accountability partner? Send me a message and lets get to chatting!

Make today count,

Simona XO



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